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Robert J. Kuntz is an award winning game designer of both board games and RPGs and one of four LGTSA members present in 1972 who experienced, and thereafter play-tested and built upon, Dave Arneson’s systems architecture that would in 1974 become Classic Dungeons & Dragons™. In 1975 Mr. Kuntz co-authored with Gary Gygax the first supplemental rules to D&D, Greyhawk. He is a former employee and stock holder of TSR and has worked with many major designers and business people in the RPG and table-top games industry, including Dave Arneson.
Mr. Kuntz is noted as being the last primary designer standing from the dawn of D&D and has been interviewed many times about that era’s history.  His upcoming book,  A New Ethos in Game Design:  The Paradigm Shift Originated by Dungeons & Dragons, 1972-1977, is being heralded by insiders as a breakthrough work regarding the theory and application of the RPG concept engine that Dave Arneson created. Mr. Kuntz resides in Corsica, France with his wife, Nathalie-Hachet Kuntz, who is his agent and partner in Three Line Studio.


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