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Saturday, 02 December 2017

Castle El Raja Key Dungeon Expedition with Robert Kuntz


Saturday & Sunday 17:00-21:00.

Join our Castle El Raja Key Dungeon Expedition with Robert Kuntz:  Adventure into one of the three castles that was used to play-test the D&D game in 1973!  Tread the corridors and dare the encounters that Gary Gygax and other stalwart players challenged!  Be ready for the unusual with Rob Kuntz at the DM's helm as out of the box play was the norm then as it is now.  Thinking caps required!

Up to ten players per game, 4 hours, mid level, please bring (or be ready to generate) 4th-6th level characters as pre-generated PCs will not be provided.  The game system will be AD&D with some house rules.

To participate in these unique sessions you have to send a message to info@athenscon.gr with the title "Play DnD with Robert Kuntz", your name, a mobile number and the day you desire to play. First come first served.

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